Community Education


The Shelter Home of Caldwell County is committed to championing the needs of physically and sexually abused children through prevention, intervention, therapy and collaboration.  We at the Shelter believe that child abuse prevention is the responsibility of the adult, but know that many adults are unable to protect children from sexual abuse simply because they do not know enough about the problem.

In light of this, The Shelter Home of Caldwell County has committed to training 100,000 adults by the year 2020 using the Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training. This training is a three hour, facilitator-led workshop which includes a video that shares the stories of survivors as well as reports from professionals that deal with the issue of child sexual abuse regularly, group discussion, and an interactive workbook. Participants in the workshop consistently rave about the efficacy of the course and how it has caused them to change their behaviors and mindsets about child sexual abuse.

In conjunction with a generous grantor, The Shelter Home of Caldwell County is available to offer this special training at your location. Participants in the training will be recognized with a certificate as “Stewards of Children” for joining in the movement to end child sexual abuse.




Darkness to Light (D2L) wants you to Join the Movement. Visitors to the D2L website can get involved by signing a child sexual abuse prevention pledge and signing up to receive regular emails from D2L with valuable prevention tips. 

While many people first get involved with D2L through the Stewards of Childrentraining, not everyone is immediately ready to commit to the training. We do however hope that this group will take action by Joining the Movement. In return they will receive some tangible, fulfilling information and hopefully begin to understand the importance of taking Stewards. The Movement will engage people at a level they are comfortable with. It’s just one more way to educate and raise awareness.